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We work hard to bring benefit to the people and places we touch — and we do everything we can to keep single-use waste from trashing the world. Check out some of our videos that represent our mission, products, and people.

Family, Community and Sustainable Agriculture

Klean Food Solutions are inspired by stories of people who reimagine the role clean, healthy food plays in their lives. Farmer, Amanda Scott and her family run 63rd Street Farms in Boulder County, Colorado. With a focus on sustainability and education they take pride in offering everyday food solutions to their community.

Reimagining To-Go in Thailand

Food is a global language that brings people together and inspires connection. At Klean we are fortunate enough to have partners all over the world who join us in our mission to help eliminate single-use waste. Catch up with our friends in Thailand for a fun look at how families are reimagining to-go.

The Creative Process

Follow Spencer Fochtman and his close friend Dan Worden as they traverse the Southern Oregon coast in search of capturing the perfect shot.

Sustainable Business Through Brewing

Georgia Brown is following her passion for reducing single-use products through her work at Stone and Wood Brewing, a Western Australia brewery on the forefront of environmentally conscious business practices.

Package Free Lifestyle

Savina Istas is the owner and brainchild behind Robuust, a zero waste store in Antwerp, Belgium. More than a store, it's truly a lifestyle and vehicle for change.

Inspired by Experience

Ideally situated in the small town of Bahia Ballena-Uvita, Osa on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, Bodhi Surf and Yoga is the first B Corp certified surf and yoga camp in the world.

The Tools to Change

UK-based Small Batch Coffee Roasters has a mission: caffeinate the world with really good coffee in a way that's fair to people and planet.

Zero Waste on the Three Peaks

Yumi Matsui didn't set out to organize one of the most challenging trail running races in Japan. Her goal was to create a shared experience connecting people with the outdoors—and each other.


We create the highest quality reusable products on the planet. Learn more about some of our product features and technologies, and how we make better products through better business.

Food Boxes

With durable stainless steel construction and food-grade silicone lids, Klean Food Boxes are both leakproof and plastic free. Three convenient sizes keep food fresh and secure on the go.

Insulated TKCanisters

Our popular Climate Lock™ vacuum insulated food canisters now feature TK Closure™ internal thread design for increased thermal performance, newly designed bowl-shaped base, quarter-turn locking system, and a convenient easy-carry swivel loop.

Insulated TKWide

With our TK Closure™ internal thread design and award-winning Climate Lock™ double-wall vacuum insulation, the TKWide is on the leading-edge of thermal performance.

TKWide Caps

Easily transition from morning coffee to afternoon smoothies, water at the gym and everything in between. New caps feature TK Closure™ internal thread design, with easy-carry swivel loops.

TKWide Twist Cap

Twist open the straw spout to quench your thirst or snap it closed for a completely leakproof lid. The Twist Cap is a dream come true for those who want both a reusable straw and a leakproof cap.

TKWide Chug Cap

From the gym to the soccer pitch to the trail, Chug Cap is made for quick hydration. Wide spout, leakproof seal and TK Closure™ internal thread design.

TKWide Café Cap

Great for coffee or tea, the leak proof Café Cap with easy-carry swivel loop and features our TK Closure™ internal thread design.

TKWide Insulated Wide Loop Cap

Our leak proof TKWide Insulated Wide Loop Cap increases the thermal performance and creates a full stainless steel interior, featuring low profile design and easy-carry swivel loop handle.

TKWide Straw Cap

Great for smoothies and iced drinks, our new Wide Straw Cap includes stainless steel straw with silicone tip for sipping.

Food Solutions

No matter where you're headed, Klean Food Solutions are good to go. Pack a snack, bring your lunch, or store your leftovers. Lunch boxes, bento boxes, and to-go containers for meals, soup or any hot or cold food.

Flyfishing in Oregon with TKWide

Klean Ambassador Brett Edwards tries for the elusive Northwest trout and winter steelhead, with his Insulated TKWide bottle by his side.

Mossbrae Falls and TKWide

Enjoying the beauty and wonder of water in nature, with one of our favorite outdoor companions, TKWide bottles for ice cold hydration.

Mount Shasta and TKWide

One of our favorite peaks in our own back yard, majestic Mt. Shasta in the Southern Cascades offers amazing scenery, hikes, and backcountry fun, with our insulated Kanteen along for the view.

Klean Coat™

A new standard in durability and safety for people and planet. A chip-resistant, durable Klean Coat finish that is designed with care to stand up to your inspired life.

ClimateLock™ Vacuum Insulation

What do you do when you're an early riser and your camping buddy sleeps on and on... and on? With Climate Lock, your Klean Kanteen does more than keep hot beverages hot for up to 14 hours and cold up to 40 hours—it brings a whole new level of fun to the backcountry.

Insulated TKPro

The TKPro is equally at home on a sunrise fishing trip as it is pulling commute duty through the densest of urban landscapes. Toss TKPro in your bag and see for yourself how easily this all-in-one vessel suits your lifestyle. How do see yourself using TKPro... backcountry? City? Both?

Insulated Tumblers

Every day American toss 160 million coffee cups and 500 million straws. Our Tumblers are great for drinks all day, from coffee to cocktails.

Stainless Steel Straws

Americans use 500 million straws every day. All you need is one.

Care and Use

All of our products are designed to last. If you take care of them, they may very well last your lifetime. Listed below are a few tips and resources to help keep your solution fresh and clean over the long haul.

How to Clean Your Klean Kanteen Bottle

Our stainless steel water bottles are made from food grade stainless steel with rounded corners, making them easy to clean. All it takes is soap, water and a little elbow grease (a bottle brush is handy as well)!

TKWide Twist Cap: Care and Assembly

Learn how to clean, disassemble and re-assemble your Klean Kanteen Twist Cap, including silicone gasket and built-in reusable steel straw.

How to Service Your TKWide Chug Cap

Learn how to clean and replace the silicone gasket and valve to keep your Klean Kanteen Chug Cap fresh and clean.

How to Service Your TKWide Café Cap

Learn how to clean and replace the silicone gasket and valve to keep your Klean Kanteen TKWide Café Cap fresh and clean.

How to Service Your Sport Cap 3.0

Learn how to clean and replace the silicone gasket and valve to keep your Klean Kanteen sport cap 3.0 fresh and clean.

How To Clean and Use Your Cafe Cap 2.0

The Klean Kanteen Leak Proof Café Cap 2.0 is easy to clean, use and the best addition to any of our Wide Insulated Bottles.

How to Replace a Silicone Gasket

Learn how to replace a silicone gasket to keep your Klean Kanteen water bottle fresh and leak free.